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fifi la fume gets a new look part 3

this is part 3 of my fan story about fifi getting a new look.we pick up from the lunchroom scene....................

babs bunny:so are you gonna come to the rest of our classes.
fifi:yeh, i think i will.
babs:are you gonna do any funny stuff like in elmer fudd's class.
fifi: nah, neega,i already got in trouble today.
babs:yeh, i can understand.i would have done the same thing.
shirley:how about this cafeteria food.its like so disgusting.
fifi:yeh,homie, zat is why i always bring my own lunch. i cant stand zat bullsheet in school. i need gourmet french.
i hardly ever eat food zat is low quality.gotta have the fancy stuff,you know waht im sayiin.

plucky duck comes over to the table....
plucky:yo,Whats up doggg(mocking fifi)that was some funny stuff you did in elmer fudd's class. i cant pull off anything like that.give me some(holds up his hand so fifi can give him a high five.)
fifi: thanks homie,give me 5 on ze blackhand side.(gives plucky a high five.)
plucky:i dont know what that means but its cool.what was that word in class you said.nigga.say that again it was funny
plucky:hilarious,the way you say it cracks me are so cool,so do you want to hang out with me sometime.shoots some hoops,play cards,we can be friends,what do you say ol buddy ol pal
babs:hey duck ,since when were you interested in hanging out with fifi.
plucky:oh, ive always liked her, as a friend that is.she is my homegirl
babs:yeh just want to hang out with her because she is popular because of waht she did in elmer's just want her to be your friend so you can brag about how cool you are for hanging out with her.
plucky:thats ridiculous,hahaahhaha,i wouldnt stoop so what do you say fifi.
fifi:sure,you can bounce weet me.i love my fans.
plucky:coool,see you later!!!!

later that day after school.plucky meets fifi outside whiel she and babs are hanging out.
plucky:hey fifi,hows it going buddy,so do you want to hang out!!!
fifi:throw this apple in the  trash for me neega
plucky:sure ol buddy ol pal.takes the apple and dunks it in the trashcan.
fifi:oh, can you give me a massage.i zink , i got a cramp.
plucky:sure,wait a are treating me like a servant.

fifi knows plucky just wants to be popular.everyone at school knows he is an egotistical duck.he dosent really like her.she is deciding to just give him his own taste of medicine by making him her servant.

fifi:you do what to be my homie dont you.if you dont,well i can find some other neega......
plucky:nnoooo,no, i was just kidding.kidding,do you need anything else.
fifi:well for the rest of the school day you can brush my tail .
plucky:what are you crazy,im not doing that.
fifi:do you want to be my homie or not!!
plucky:what are you laughin at rabbit.
babs:hey,im not the one who has to brush fifi's tail
a dark skunk appears and looks at fifi from a distance

the next day......
babs,shirley and fifi are walking to school together.

fifi sees hampton j. pig

fifi:whats up heavy p
hampton:um.fifi why did you call me dat.
fifi:its a nickname,you know cause you a pig and fat
hampton:i dont like it.
fifi:you better like it.
hampton:i dont like that nickname
fifi:what,you think you are bad huh,you want to start somezing
hampton:no,no,i dont like that sounds stupid
fifi:are you calling fifi stupeed!
hampton:no,its just..........

fifi pushes her tail in hampton's face as if she is gonna spray him with skunk juice.

fifi:what ezz your name...
hampton:its heeavy p(nervously)
fifi:say it louder beech.
hampton:HEAVY P
fifi suddenly becomes nice towards hampton and takes her tail out his face.
fifi:zat wasnt so hard now was are a good piggy, a good piggy.(starts petting him on the head.)
hamton:okay,im gonna leave now(starts running quicky away from fifi.)

babs and shirley and a whole bunch of other kids just watched the scene in awe.

babs:fifi,that was mean,why did you do that to poor hampton.
fifi:hey,dogg,i was just playing with him.messin wit know i aint down like zat.
babs:well,he probably dosnet think its funny.apologize

plucky and montana max come up to fifi and pat her on the back

plucky:wwoow that was awesome!!! you rule!!!!
montana:hey you got that dork shaking

babs looks at fifi.
fifi starts thinking.she didnt mean to hurt hampton's feelings.she was trying to act tough like in elmer fudd's class to impress kids. she somehow got caught up in the moment.

fifi:mabeye i should apologize!!(talking to herself)

suddenly a blue/black skunk walks towards was the same skunk that was watching fifi before.he has long hair thats messy and a red bandana.he looks like he is around 16.he also has a white tanktop and  looks kinda like the character rambo from first blood.when fifi sees him she blushes.her cheeks turn blood red.

character:i like the way you handled that pussy(sounds a lot like samuel l. jackson )
fifi:oh,no,no eet was a meestake.
character:no,i think you pretty got some fly clothes on too.
fifi:thank you very much.i am flattered.???
character:why dont we hang out sometime.lets say i pick you up here tomorrow about 7 or some shit.
fifi:i would love zat.what eeez your name.
character:oh,sorry, i forgot to introduce is blade.blade brown.
fifi:eez dat your real name???
character:my homies call me blade brown.thats my name.(he then stares at fifi with a cold look as if he wont tell him his real name).
babs:blade brown!!!!hahahaa what kind of name is that.
blade:i dont find anything funny.(he looks coldy at babs and her grin quickly dissapeears)
blade turns back to fifi
blade:they call me blade cause im quick to cut a sucka.takes out an army knife and shows fifi.
fifi:eeet is very nice.i am fifi la fume.thats what my homies call me
blade brown:okay,playa, okay,so ill pick you up then.peace out nigga.(he then takes out a cigarette,takes a puff and walks away)
babs:i dont trust that guy fifi.he looks like hes trouble
fifi:what,i get to meet a cute boy skunk and you dont want me to hang out weeth him.  are you jealous. you just dont want me to be friends with anyone else.
shirley:shes just sayin that the guy might be a gangster or something.i can sense something bad in that guy.yes i can feel his aura.
shirley:(looks at fifi sadly)so thats the way its gonna be.huh,well fifi i was trying to help you but i guess you dont want to listen.FINE,i DONT CARE WAHT HAPEENS TO YOU.YOU AND YORU SKUNK GANGSTER CAN LIKE KISSS MY ASSSSS!!
fifi:well fine neega.forget you stupeeed bitch
babs:well she has a right to be angry fifi.she was trying to help you and you yelled at her and insulted her.
fifi:what about me. i have a right to be angry. she dosent know heeem,she was wrong of accusing him of being a gangster.
babs:well that guy did look like a thug, besides the fact his name is blade or whatetever.
fifi:fuck you beetch,FUCK YOU
babs:(she stares at fifi like she senses fifi is confused,and upset)(speaking softly)well fifi do what you want,come on shirley lets git out of here.fifi, i hope you come to your senses
fifi stares at babs and shirley as they walk away.

it seems fifi is not thinking straight.she just met a boy skunk and is not thinkin about what her friends babs and shirley tried to tell her.her logic tells her he could be dangerous.afterall, he said "he was quick to cut a sucka".but her emotions took over. she didnt want to pass up a  chance to have a boyfriend.

the next day at 7:00.its saturday

fifi shows up at school where blade told her to come. suddenly a red cadillac pulls up playing loud gangsta rap music.the driver is blade brown
blade:hey whats going on fifi.hop on in.
fifi happily jumps in the car.blade then drives off swiftly into the night...............

to be continued in part 4.
this is fifi la fume gets a new look part 3.we pick up from the lunchroom scene before and in this part fifi meets a mysterious boy skunk. read it and find out what happens
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